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ROH Media Suite

The ROH media suite was originally installed in 2005. In the summer of 2019 the old suite was stripped out and completely rebuilt. Megahertz Ltd were employed as systems integrators.


15 years on the technology has changed significantly but the overall design and operational aspects of the suite remain similar. The suite is capable of working at Ulta High Definition with extended colour gamut and high dynamic range.


Cameras continue to be hired for live events with a few older cameras available for Insights and the like.


The monitor stack is entirely flat screen. This has generated more space in the production area. The production desk is longer and accomodates an extra working position. Download monitor stack drawing here.


The overall productions facilities provided are:


12 cameras (HD/UHD)

Ross Carbonite vision mixer (24 HD i/ps or 18 UHD i/ps)

55" OLED transmission and preview monitors, 20 x individual 17" preview monitors

2 channels of HD video replay/graphics

Impoved talkback

Facilities for hired graphics operator and equipment

Record facilities based on main and 3 isos, fully backed in UHD or HD

Additional recorders in HD available

Scratch/USB recordings available

Multi language subtitling for satellite broadcasts (10 languages embedded, one channel burnt in)


This website provides information on the facilities available. Discussions have to be had with the the Film & Broadcast office to determine the availabilty and associated costs for productions.





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