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The combination of teenage years building and flying model aircraft and a career in broadcasting has generated an interest in drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.

Commercial drone services can only be offered with the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority. The CAA issues a Permit for Commercial Operations after seeing evidence of successful completion of a theory course and a successful flight test. There is great emphasis on safe operation and this is achieved by the use of an operations manual which details the company’s operation of specific drones and procedures to be followed for all flights.

Sections of the Air Navigation Order, published by the CAA, provide the overall regulations and limitations within which UAVs can generally operate. In brief a UAV used for commercial operations has to operate at least 50 metres away from people, buildings or vessels not under the control of the operator and at least 150 metres from large gatherings. The maximum distance from the pilot is 500 m and the maximum height above the take off point is 400 ft.

Langdale Broadcast flies a DJI Inspire 1 Pro quadcopter. This a drone used widely by both hobbyists and professional. It uses its own gimbal and camera which is capable of UHD resolution at 25 fps and HD at 50 fps.

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